The Great War

from Lest We Forget, an electronic edition


Has History a direr deed to show

Than this? Rests any darker, deadlier stain

On Attila's renown? Was Tamburlaine

To anguish'd human kind a fiercer foe

Than Germany's mad War-Lord? Blow on blow

He overtops the iniquities of Spain,

Outdoes the branded crimes of Alva's reign,

And drags his country's glory low, how low!

The world looks on appalled: and not alone

We mortals -- shuddering gaze the mighty dead.

Luther, Kant, Goethe, Bach, and Beethoven

Ask "Are these Germans? Nay, then, we disown

Our kinship with a breed reversive-bred,

Who war on arts and learning. We were Men."