The Great War

from Lest We Forget, an electronic edition

War and Peace.

A hundred toilsome years have rolled in vain

Since one proud eagle drooped his shattered wings:

Another rises -- and the welkin rings

With the mad cry "For Glory" once again!

And legions rush through carnage to attain

Some fancied good that blood-stained Conquest brings.

Is this the boast of Councils and of Kings,

O God! to triumph over millions' pain?

Guardians of Good! Ye Nations of the West!

Shall mind still worship brute Force deified?

'Tis Mind not Force doth Nations' worth attest:

Force died with Rome -- high Thought hath outlived Greece!

Be thine, O England! thine the nobler pride

To win true Glory with the arts of Peace!


[We specially commend to the British Nation, no less renowned for the victories of peace than for those of war, the following poem by Nawab Nizamat Jung, of Hyderabad, whose loyal tribute of verse to Great Britain will, we feel sure, be no less welcome to her than other offerings from India's dutiful sons. -- Editor.]