The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

There Will Be Dreams Again

THERE will be dreams again! The grass will spread

Her velvet verdure over earth's torn breast;

By ragged shard, half-hid, where rust runs red,

The soaring lark in spring will build her nest.

There will be dreams again! The primrose pale

Will shelter where the belching guns plowed deep;

The trees will whisper, and the nightingale

Chant golden monodies where heroes sleep.

There will be dreams again

The stars look down

On youthful lovers--oh, first love, how sweet!

And men will wed, and childish laughter crown

Life's awe--compelling miracle complete.

There will be dreams again! Oh, thou forlorn

That crumbling trench or the slow heaving sea

Hath snatched thy dead--oh, pray thee, do not mourn!

There will be dreams--thy loved shall come to thee!