The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

The British Army of 1914

LET us praise God for the Dead: the Dead who died in our cause.

They went forth a little army: all its men were as true as steel.

The hordes of the enemy were hurled against them: they fell back, but their hearts failed not.

They went forward again and held their ground: though their foes were as five to one.

They gave time for our host to muster: the most of the men who never thought to fight.

A great host and a mighty: worthy of the men who died to gain them time.

Let us praise God for these men: let us remember them before Him all our days.

Let us care for the widows and orphans: and for the men who came home maimed.

Truly God has been with us: these things--were not done without His help.

O Lord our God, be Thou still our helper: make us worthy of those who died.