The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

The Silent Army

NO bugle is blown, no roll of drums,

No sound of an army marching.

No banners wave high, no battle--cry

Comes from the war-worn fields where they lie,

The blue sky overarching

The call sounds clearer than the bugle call '

From this silent, dreamless army.

No cowards were we, when we heard the call,

For freedom we grudged not to give our all,"

Is the call from the silent army.

Hushed and quiet and still they lie,

This silent, dreamless army,

While living comrades spring to their side,

And the bugle-call and the battle-cry

Are heard as dreamer and dreamless lie

Under the stars of the arching sky,

The men who have heard from the men who have die

The call of the silent army.