The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition


THROUGH the dark night

And the fury of battle

Pass the destroyers in showers of spray.

As the Wolf-pack to the flank of the cattle,

We shall close in on them--shadows of gray.

In from ahead, Through shell-flashes red,

We shall come down to them, after the Day,

Whistle and crash

Of salvo and volley

Round us and into us as we attack

Light on our target they'll flash in their folly,

Splitting our ears with shrapnel-crack.

Fire as they will,

We'll come to them still,

Roar as they may at us--Back--Go Back!

White though the sea

To the shell-splashes foaming,

We shall be there at the death of the Hun.

Only we pray for a star in the gloaming

(Light for torpedoes and none for a gun).

Lord--of Thy Grace

Make it a race,

Over the sea with the night to ran.