The Great War

from Great Poems of the World War, an electronic edition

To Somebody

THEY'VE put us through our paces;

They say we're doing fine;

We'll soon go to our places

Upon the firing-line.

Some chaps will fight for mothers,

And some for wives so true;

For sweethearts many others

And I will fight for you!

Through all these months of training

We've cherished hopeful thoughts

And drilled without complaining,

Like soldiers and good sports.

We're warring for a reason,

We've sworn to see this through

To falter would he treason,

And I will fight for you!

Your presence will be near me,

Your voice will call my name;

You'll comfort me and cheer me,

Your love, behold, I claim!

'Twould take more than an ocean

To separate us two;

I'll hold unto this notion,

And I will fight for you!